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This is my 100th blog post. It’s been a wild ride finding the words, agonising over sentences and publishing weekly. When I read my early posts I cringe, so I must be doing something right. And whilst I recognise that this is just the beginning, I thought I’d share 5 things I’ve learned thus far…

  • We don’t find our writing voice. We develop it.
  • Talent is overrated. Showing up is more important than anything else.
  • Moving fast and breaking things is more important than pottering along in pursuit of perfection.
  • Writing is a trade just like any other. We must be prepared to roll up our sleeves and get our hands dirty. To experiment and learn. To show up early and leave late. To turn up everyday and to take responsibility when things don’t go our way.
  • Writing is the easy part. The hard parts are reading more than you think you should, sitting down to write and editing mercilessly.

I’ve also learnt that, regardless of what we create, we all begin the same. We climb the tree trunk everyone climbs. We follow in the footsteps of our idols. We piggyback their ideas and paths.

Eventually however, it comes time for us to take the risk and go out on a branch of our own. This is the moment that separates good enough from great. Whilst most stick with what they know, next generation’s leaders shimmy out onto a branch of their own.

Eventually the branch snaps and we fall to the ground. Except when the branch hits the ground we don’t find ourselves hurt and hindered. We instead find that the branch has transformed itself into a tree trunk. A tree trunk we can call our own. A tree trunk that one day, others will climb.