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To change your mood quickly. You need to be able to shift your emotions quickly. But how do you shift emotions? Well, according to Tony Robbins in his book, Awaken the Giant Within, there are three ways you can change your state of mind in the moment.

1) Physiology: Your physical state has a lot to do with your emotional state. So, if you’re stuck on a problem, get up and walk around. If you’re frustrated, do some push ups.

2) Focus: What you focus on is what you feel. So, if you feel overwhelmed, make a conscious choice to give your mind a rest by focusing on other things. I suggest audio books, rubbish tv shows, and gaming.

3) Language: The language you choose affects what you do. It means if you tell enough people it’s hard, it eventually becomes hard. So be positive and confident when you speak. And, be careful blowing things out of proportion when you’re looking for sympathy. You might just find things turn as bad as you say.