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Geetu Bharwaney, author of Emotional Resilience: Know What it Takes to be Agile, Adaptable & Perform at Your Best, describes emotional resilience as the ability to continually select the feelings, thoughts, and actions that help you perform at your best.

She believes there are six factors that influence your daily output of emotional intelligence. Three influence how you handle yourself. 1) Self worth. How much respect do you have for yourself? 2) Self control. How good are you at saying, no? 3) Mood. What aura do you carry with you?

And, three factors that influence how you interact with others. 4) Empathy. How well can you read other people’s feelings? 5) Understanding. How well can you comprehend other people’s feelings? 6) Caring. How much do you care for other people’s feelings?

Remember, you have choices. You don’t have to play the hand you’re dealt. Value and care for yourself by working on one of these daily.