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We all have ideas. The cemetery is full of them. Ideas buried with their makers. Thoughts that were spoken but never came to life.

It is not enough to simply have ideas. What defines us is action.

Ideas Men are those who pitch but never play. They object in meetings without providing alternatives. They tell you how Steve Jobs did it. And they’re the first to say, they told you so. They say they could do it better. They blur success with luck. And, deep down, they doubt their own abilities.

Action Men instead, move ideas forward. They execute on decisions. They experiment and often fail. They show without telling. They lead by example. And they live to learn. They put themselves out there, flaws and all, openly allowing the public see their stumbles and falls, wrong turns and fragility.

Action Men also let the public witness their development, refinement and subsequent success, knowing full well that when you’ve seen someone fall it’s difficult to say, “They just got lucky”.