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We only share our weaknesses with those who share their weaknesses with us.

The same is true with business. We rarely share our emotions (or our wallets) with those businesses who solely sing their own praises and never share their weaknesses.

Don’t simply expect people to trust your promises. Positive statements are considered suspicious at best.

Start a conversation by admitting a genuine weakness.

When Listerine was challenged by a better tasting mouthwash they fought back smart, running the tagline “the taste you hate twice a day”.

Jean Patou did the same with their perfume ‘Joy’ when it first arrived on the scene during the depression in the 1930s. Instead of cloaking the price, Jean Patou hit the problem head on, running the tagline “the costliest perfume in the world”.

Both brands brought their biggest weaknesses to the table and, by doing so, managed to expose their greatest strengths.

Winning brands are those who draw attention to the chinks in their armour.

They understand that the only way they can show their customers they are always looking to improve is to first acknowledge their flaws.