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Hi all,

It’s been a while since I touched base, so I thought I’d reach out and share a little about the novel I’ve been writing. I don’t want to give too much away because most parts of the book are subject to change. Still, I thought I’d share the general plot and a passage from the first draft.

The book is set 12,000 years ago in Peru. It begins with a young hunter on initiation in the central highlands. He sees a meteorite cross the sky and hit earth hundreds of kilometres north. His world is immediately thrown into chaos as the globe is thrust into an ice age. Believing the star that hit earth to be the rebirth of his recently deceased father, The Hunter bares the freezing conditions to travel north where he hopes to reunite with his father at the place where the star hit. Along the way he meets an array of characters, including The Storyteller, The Captain, The Surgeon and The Architect. All of whom help him on his quest north.

Here is a draft passage from chapter one…

… “My father first took me up here when I was very young. He was so proud of these ruins. I remember just before we came over the summit. He told me to close my eyes and he held my hand and walked me right up to the stone buildings before telling me to open them. I remember seeing the enormous stones stacked one on top of the other and then seeing his wide eyes and enormous smile. I think I was more taken by his enthusiasm than the stones themselves. It was so beautiful to see a full grown man in awe of the world. I always thought up to that moment that there was nothing on earth that could shock an adult. That’s how adults make things out to be. They make it seem like nothing is unusual or spectacular. I think that’s why so many love watching children, because everything is novel and fascinating to a child.

“Over the years I learned to love the ruins more and more for what they were – an impressive mystery. They were a missing past. You know? To think that people moved these things. I mean how… why? Father said that part of history had been lost and it was likely that we would never know the truth, but it was important to speculate because moments in life were too easy to pass off as just another mystery. He was so keen to discuss the possibilities. I loved that about him. We would sit up here for hours talking about how giant men may have lifted the stones, or how perhaps, at the time the stones were cut things fell up instead of down, making it easy for normal men to lift enormous things.

“We had so many wild ideas about how they did it but the one he enjoyed telling me most was how the gods had come to earth and asked our people to build a place of worship close to where they lived in the sky. He said they came down and moved the rocks for us”

“To the sound of trumpets” said The Healer.

The Hunter smiled “Yes. You think so too?”

“Do I think so, no. But your father told me the same thing many times. He wanted so badly to believe there was no talking him around it” The Healer shifted a little on the log. “What happened to your father?”

The Hunter looked at the woman a little shocked that she knew tragedy surrounded his fate. “What do you mean?” he asked.

“You said you loved that about him. What happened to him?”

The cave was momentarily drenched in a flash of white light and a crack of thunder hit directly overhead before rippling across the sky.

The Hunter froze shocked that he’d let such intimate information slip. The woman looked at him with sadness. He felt calmed by her pained look. It wasn’t a look of sympathy. It was one of genuine concern for someone she too knew and loved. The Hunter bit his lip and stared into the fire. He could feel tears welling in his eyes. “Your plants” he muttered choking on his words. The Healer’s eyes began to glaze over as if she already knew what he was going to say.

The Hunter took a big deep breath in an attempt to clear his throat. He felt a surge of butterflies run through his chest and settle in his stomach. He felt like he needed to be sick but held off the urge to gag. He steadied himself using every muscle in his mind to control the impulse to dry reach…

I’ll be in touch with another snippet soon.