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When launching our own thing, we can either choose to start with an audience or start with a problem. One looks at an audience and finds a problem. The other looks at a problem and finds an audience.

Most start with the problem. It makes sense. We use skills we have to solve problems we know. The danger is finding ourselves serving an audience we don’t click with. An audience who we eventually grow to despise. It may be that they question too much, they learn too slow or they pay too little. It may be that their jokes are tiresome, their stories are boring or their taste is lacking.

And, whilst they may promise to fund our lake house and put our children through school, deep down we know it’s not going to work. We chose to do our own thing to remove ourselves from the people and systems that aggravate us, and here we are again.

Choose your audience from the get go.

Perhaps your people are more complicated or less profitable, but maybe that’s just what you need. We all have problems, but the harder it is to pinpoint and alleviate those problems, the more valuable you become.

Don’t marry for the sake of marriage. Choose an audience who you could love for a lifetime.