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We can make bad choices and have bad timing, but there is no such thing as a bad idea. Sure, we can have a slew of ideas that are off topic and unsuitable for the outcome. We may even consider them not very good. That doesn’t make them bad.

Ideas come in all forms. Just because we struggle to see the oak in the acorn, it doesn’t mean it’s not there. The fact is, all ideas are seeds. And whilst some seeds appear more destined to fail than others, we never really know. Often those that fail, pave the way for the success of others. They trigger fresh ideas and perspectives. Without them, nothing would grow.

That’s not to say we should fall in love with every idea we have. But as creatives, we must be unashamed to share our ideas because shame is the number one killer of art. When we become ashamed of our ideas, we judge their worth prematurely. The more shame we feel, the earlier we judge them.

Before long we discard the ideas we don’t recognise before we even have them. The result is that very quickly our work becomes run of the mill. This is a dangerous place to be. Run of the mill work leads to more shame. And, before we know it, we declare our creativity dead. All because it became too painful. All because we listened when they told us our idea was a bad idea.