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During the interview for my first copywriting role, my soon to be director asked, “How do you go about generating ideas when you hit a wall?”

I told him, “I head to Google image, search related keywords and look for inspiration in the images that pop up.”

Since, I have come to learn the limitation Google places on creativity when used as such a crutch. Don’t get me wrong, I use Google image almost every day to conjure ideas. Especially when taking on graphic design tasks. This is simply a reminder to change it up every so often and retreat to a fresh environment with pen and paper. Take a coffee or a scotch or a joint and let your mind unwind.

The wall or so called writer’s block may have once been an absence of ideas. Today this is rarely the case. The wall has been replaced by over saturation. Being bombarded with so many messages makes it increasingly difficult to create original work on demand. Too often creatives (myself included) run to Google for inspiration at the first sign of creative fatigue. And what do we find? Generic pieces voted popular by consumers not creators.

This is a call to arms to look inward not outward when creating on demand. We already have the ideas. The trick is relocating them. Forget what you have been told about what makes a great ad or blog post or website. Think logically and intentionally play differently. Playing it safe and limiting your ideas to what you have seen proven to work lacks leadership and innovation. Return to pen and paper, create something fresh and define the new new.