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Talent is hitting the target no one can hit. Genius is hitting the target no one can see. Breaking point is hitting the wall when the target disappears.

It’s easy to ask, what’s the point of it all, when we take nothing to the grave. When, at the end of it all, we simply dissolve into nothing and leave behind a legacy we’ll never know. What’s the point in grinding away? What’s the point of picking up where we left off? What’s the point in taking on the next step?

We all feel it. It floods us like clockwork, once a month or so, when we push ourselves to the absolute brink and hit a wall causing everything we’ve bottled up to come hurtling out. At that point it’s easy to ask, Why the fuck am I doing this? It doesn’t make any sense. I’m physically tired. I’m emotional. I’ve suppressed every ounce of doubt I’ve had.

It sits inside us like a compounded black hole, invisible and yet in control.

All artists feel it. It’s hard to say exactly how to combat it but it’s worth recognising that it does pass. And, that nothing worth having is easily obtained. And, that we’re not finished when we’re defeated. We’re only finished when we quit.

This thing. This whole thing is nothing but a giant game. A game where we sweat in practice and we bleed in battle. Recognise the true value that comes from riding the limits of yourself. Admiration. It’s not something to be misconstrued with love, but it can mean the world.

Fight on.