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We spend majority of our life observing and evaluating to prolong our existence. If something rewards us, we repeat it. If something penalises us, we avoid it. It’s why most of us don’t look to change until we’re down on luck or burnt out.

This is not to say, there’s something wrong with employing change when our mind tells us it’s due, but there is something empowering to doing the chores before we are asked. It allows us to embrace new situations whilst we have strength, instead of us having to make our move on an empty tank.

When we only do things when our arm is twisted, we don’t leave ourselves open to the opportunity to experiment. We react to the situation instead of taking the time to think and constructively initiate.

This is not to say that change always has to be big. It doesn’t necessarily mean we have to quit our job, or move country, or trade in old friends for new ones, but something does need to click in our mind. It’s not enough to simply change our route to work, or refresh our iPod, or switch our local watering hole. We need to feel challenged. We need to push our mind to ask, am I even capable of doing this? And push it even further to say, this is the most challenging thing I have ever faced. When we feel like that we are truly changing. And when we feel like that often, we are truly living.

As creatives, it is our responsibility to spearhead change. Not just with the goal of changing the world, but with the goal of regularly changing ourselves and our environment. For who are we to be ambassadors for change if we’ve barely grasped the concept in our own lives?