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A lack of clarity is what makes a poor salesman, poor. It’s what makes a failing business, fail. It’s what makes a novice artist, novice. Clarity is the undercurrent of progress. When we are clear about who we are, who we want to serve, and how we want to serve them, we rarely catch ourselves searching for the instruction manual.

The struggle is that most of us view our lives like a movie. A movie we walked into 20 minutes late. We know we’re missing crucial information, but we would prefer to save ourselves the embarrassment and let it play out. I’ll figure it out, we tell ourselves. We spend our youth waiting for a sign. A sign that never comes. By adulthood we’re spent, so we settle for what we’re told is worth settling for. We retire our pursuit of being remarkable in exchange for security and mild entertainment.

The reason signs don’t just show up is because clarity comes from discovery, which is a process not a moment. It comes from abandoning the wait, taking a breath and diving deep. It comes from practice and intentionality. It comes from action.

As creatives, we owe ourselves clarity. We must stumble into dark rooms and turn the light on. We owe it to ourselves to see what we find when the light comes on. We owe it to ourselves to find an outcome without a rulebook. We owe it to ourselves to recognise that whilst a dark room is intriguing, a lit room is welcoming.