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When we are comfortable we are far from fulfilling our potential. It’s why leadership is so rare. Few people are prepared to bare the discomfort.

It’s uncomfortable reminding yourself that leaders who set out to give achieve more than leaders who set out to get.

It’s uncomfortable to stand in front of a crowd and fail repeatedly.

It’s uncomfortable chipping away unsure what lies beyond a wall but dam sure that if it’s something good, it won’t be long before a team of onlookers show up with excavators.

It doesn’t mean it’s not worth doing.

We all go through our lives rising and rising until we are paralysed. This paralysis can be brought on by a number of things. The fear of being labelled a fraud. The fear of being accountable for not just ourselves but others. The fear of hard work.

This paralysis signals the lip of our comfort zone. A small hurdle that our mind has a habit of magnifying.

So often we look upon discomfort unfavourably forgetting that where we find discomfort we find opportunity.

It is war that makes Generals. When you source discomfort you have found the place in need of a leader (or a bridge) most.

Every task requires a specific amount of energy but discomfort is negotiable. It is up to us to decide how much or how little is required and where our thresholds lie.

When engaged in a task, separate the process from the product and resist the urge to bet on the outcome. Be expectant without expectations. Meaning, expect good things to happen but dont place parameters on what they might be.

The greatest of things arise from discomfort. The trick is attributing credit to pain.