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If only we could grab hold of all our dreams and wealth and fame. Because then we would see that this is not where we’ll find our sense of completion. We already have everything we need, and everything we’ll ever search for. Science has proven this by proving we are all connected.

Take a memory you have of yourself as a child. Something you recall vividly. Now consider the fact that every atom that made you “you” then has been switched out and gone on to be a part of something else. Perhaps a rock, or a lamppost, or your next-door neighbour.

You may consider yourself to be the same person as the person you were back then but you’re not physically. You are only the same consciously. What makes us “us” is thoughts and memories and consciousness – the intangibles – the stuff that isn’t made of matter, but rather energy. The stuff that doesn’t start and end at us. What makes us “us” is our connection to everything else.

This is why the most logical way to view one another is one and the same. We are all cut from the same cloth and physically connected. Just the same way that a wave is not a separate entity to the ocean, we are not separate entities to one another. In this way, we can’t possibly be missing anything because we are everything. Confidence for instance is a choice. So too is happiness. We have everything we need to be confident and happy. It’s just a matter of embracing these things and practicing them daily.

The mistake we often make is that we consider our eyes to be nothing more than viewers through which we experience the world. However, if they were only viewers we would see that our desire for a big house and a high paying job isn’t a desire for a big house and a high paying job, but rather a desire for power and respect. We would see that our desire to own our own business and travel all year isn’t necessarily a desire to own our own business and travel all year, but rather a desire to have our ideas heard and the freedom to move.

We think we know what we need but we rarely do because what we tend to overlook is that, as well as viewers, our eyes are projectors that run a second story over the picture we see. This story is written by one of two emotions, love or fear.

Love provides us with the ability to see the silver lining. It provides us with the strength to give people the benefit of the doubt. It encourages us to dig deeper on our desires and find gratitude. It encourages us to minimise our craving for craving. Only in most cases our story isn’t written by love, it is written by fear. Fear of missing out… fear of being burned… fear of being ignored… fear of not measuring up. This is where our feeling of incompleteness comes from. The voice that tells us, “I’ll never be enough” is fear at work.

If we have only one ambition in life it should be to never let this fear turn us against our playful heart. We are not to avatar we think we are. Our need for acceptance can make us invisible. We must risk being seen. We must stop asking what plans the world has in mind for us, and instead pay attention to the effect we have on others. For this effect is the most valuable currency we have.

Perhaps this delusion – considering ourselves to be separate from the world – is the one thing that prevents us from solving all the other problems in the world. After all, when we see the world as ourselves and ourselves as the world, we see the suffering of others as our own suffering and we want to help. And when we do help we find true completeness. This is why the best thing to do when we can’t make ourselves happy is to make someone else happy. Because this makes us happy.

We are not separate. We are all one. Impressively formed waves in a colossal ocean. Complete. Once we realise this, life becomes nothing more than a play of form. For when there is nothing we need, it’s all just play.

So relax and dream up a good life. Stop asking what the world has in store for you. Instead, look to others and ask, how can I make people present their best selves to me?