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We all get them, especially when we’re trying to build something of substance. Every so often, as we dance across the battlefield, we’re caught out and hit by a passing bullet. When we’re on top of our game it’s easy to find the strength to carry ourselves off the field, but when we’re weak and out too deep, it’s seemingly impossible.

In the pursuit of chasing something great we venture out too far and when we’re hit, we’re hit again and again, growing weaker with every wound. We find ourselves seemingly abandoned in the midst of baron land. The bullets seem faster and greater in numbers. Our body feels heavier and our focus, hazier.

It’s a dangerous state. Many call it burnout but I would liken it more to battle fatigue. Our daily ritual to keep on top of things eventually caves in and the scale is flipped. Explosions replace bullets and tanks replace soldiers.

Fortunately, the explosions are products of our mind. When we’re hit once, we recognise the weakness and attach a target to our own back.

It’s not necessary to fall like warriors and expel, “Go on without me”. Instead, we owe it to ourselves to stand up and tag out. In the big scheme of things, the bullets are paintballs and the battlefield’s a playground. And whilst it’s nice to call ourselves martyrs, every so often it’s time to throw in towel and hit the showers.