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Most people fear success. We fear treading water that is over our head. We fear standing out and being ostracised. We fear added responsibility and expectation. We fear failure.

We stack up all the perceived risks and in doing so we elevate the perceived consequences.

Much like a plank raised 100 feet in the air. Logically, we know the plank is the same but we struggle to justify the risk. We feel unequipped to make the pass.

It is this elevated paranoia that undoes greatness.

We must feel at ease living in the margins. We must learn our comfort zones and work hard to stay clear of them. A lifetime of mediocrity is a big price to pay for safety.

Fear is crippling and the fear of success is often the worst kind because it is masked in perceived wisdom. We justify a lack of go with terms like honest, comfortable, good.

What we choose to do does not have to take us to the sun, unless we are afraid of the sun.