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From school we’re taught the importance of the straight trajectory. We’re told to choose a job that defines us. Something that best leverages our talents. And to build a career path around it. A straight path.

We’re told by men in oversize blazers that there is a secure payslip, a home to call our own and 2.3 children waiting for us at the top of the heap. All we have to do is stick with the decision we made, work hard and keep our head down. And so begins the straight line to the top of the pile, plus all the perks (a couch in front of the TV. An overtold story from a trip to Spain. A recollection of what it was like to dream).

What they never told us is the importance of embracing the squiggle. They never even mentioned it. And yet everyone we ever called great, embraced it. They followed their muse. They pursued what interested them. They switched tracks when it no longer felt right. They never quit, but they did loop left and right. Trying their hand at new things. Meeting new people. Unlocking new inspiration.

We speed through life so fast that we rarely stop to acknowledge the principles of energy in nature. That energy travels in two ways. As particles and as waves. Particles travel in rapid, random, straight line motion. Waves oscillate and bend and turn.

We’re told to be particles when waves have all the power.