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There is a change coming to ROTA. Over the past few months I’ve been documenting my journey to overcome self-criticism. It’s been intensive but successful.

I now find myself in a strange position. I want to continue my exploration of identity and compassion, but I feel that telling my own story is somewhat limiting. Mainly because I’ve come to see that the ideas I have are in a continual state of flux. Every time I have a meaningful conversation with a friend, or read a good book, or watch a good film, I find my old ideas dying and new ideas being born and raised right there and then on the spot.

I have also come to see that because we can read one thing in one way on one day, and the same thing another way on another day, there is often far less truth to fact than there is to fiction. After all, everything we hear is an opinion, not a fact, and everything we see is a perspective, not the truth.

This said, I’ve decided to write a fictional novel. Half because I feel it is the most honest way of expressing my ideas, and half because I find it the most interesting. Some mornings I wake up and I want to study psychology. Other mornings I wonder what it is like to be an Egyptian priest, or a neuroscientist, or a Mayan tribesman. I feel life is too short to be limited to one topic or another.

Fiction allows me to be all these things. It gives me the flexibility to explore my thoughts without boundaries, and to disperse my ideas among many characters. I can then challenge these ideas from different perspectives and have them work off one another until I make new discoveries.

So, going forward, I’ll be focusing all my attention on the novel. Unfortunately, this means I won’t have time to write original content for the blog. Still, I want to keep this email thing going because I really do value you original subscribers, many of whom have been here from the beginning.

So, I’ll send an email from time to time to share a chapter or two from the book. Perhaps we could use it as a bit of a feedback loop. You’ll be the first to read the content and can chip in your thoughts if you choose.

(If you’re not on the email list you can sign up here)

I want to use the time to say a big thank you to all my supporters. I’ve been building this ROTA plane whilst flying for many years now. There is no way it would have survived all the storms without all your kind words and honest feedback and support. So, thank you.

I’ll touch base soon with the first chapter.