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Businesses should choose niches and get specific. That doesn’t mean individuals should.

The idea of the jack-of-all-trades being master of none is a dated concept.

Mastering something is poles apart from perfecting something. Just the same way that being world-class at something is poles apart from being the world’s best. Many world-class players are world-class in many fields but I don’t know one individual who has gone on to become the world’s best in multiple fields.

Specialists shoot for perfection (the enemy of good enough). In pursuit of the impossible they often pay a heavy price, crawling deep into the hulls of sinking ships.

Generalists on the other hand are far more adaptable. Positioned on deck, they are quicker to read tides and more inclined to anticipate dips.

When the ship is sinking, they recognise the deck chairs are up for grabs and most often clean up.

Be too complex to categorise. It is the jack-of-all-trades who has more chance of picking the lock of a closed door.