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When you write every day you are a writer. When you paint every day you are a painter.

We judge one another on our day jobs not because it is who we are but because it shapes who we become.

Even if at times we are ashamed to admit what we achieve on a day-to-day basis it is important to remember that only what we sew today is available for harvest tomorrow.

Too often people become foreign to even themselves because they turn up each day and play the game taught to them instead of taking the time to develop their own game and define their own rules.

Those who wake up one day unsure of who they are and where it all went wrong are those who stopped trying to make their mark each and every day. They relaxed into a comfortable routine and let one day slide, then another and another. They stopped driving, switched seats and closed their eyes.

Know what you want to be. Do what you want to be. And do it everyday.