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The cobbler has a skill we don’t have. He has spent years refining his craft and building speed. Just because he makes it look easy, doesn’t mean it is.

Consumer culture dictates that we buy a lot at cheap. The cobbler gives us the opportunity to flip the model on its head. To buy less and value things more.

We may say it’s a craft that needs updating, but perhaps it’s our attitude that needs rethinking. The cobbler is one of the few craftsmen who gives us the opportunity to be indisposable. To believe in the work, not what works. To value honest service over success.┬áHe’s an artist in disguise. And only by recognising that can we recognise the value of our own art.

Walk a mile in his shoes, then replace his soles and you’ll see just how important it is to keep him around by paying him what he’s worth.