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Think you’re not a salesman?  What you really mean is you’re not a very good salesman.

If you have any ounce of ambition, learn the art of selling. I’m not saying door to door – although this will give you a massive head start. I’m talking straight up conversational sales; the ability to hold your chin up high and deliver your point concisely and with conviction.

Too many people talk for the sake of talking. They feel the need to fill silence with mindless dribble. But even mindless dribblers respect the salesman who enters into conversation with a point in mind. They are the same salesmen who understand when to pull the pin and back out – knowing full well that an argument with a dribbler has little chance of leaving a favourable taste in a witness’ mouth.

Good salesmen sell confidence and win leadership. They sell beliefs and win respect. They sell sincerity and win honesty. They sell trust and win intimacy.

Virtually every failure comes down to a lack of sales finesse or dedication. People need to see confidence to be confident. They need to see dedication to be dedicated. They need to see love to love. Sell them a reason to believe and they will.