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There are three people in this world. Those who make things happen. Those who watch things happen. And those who wonder what happened. The challenges for those who watch and those who wonder are fairly obvious, but for those who make things happen, the challenges are a little harder to predict.

One challenge is having the sensibility to stick with something long enough to see it through. Afraid of being renowned for one thing, or one field, the maker bounces from bed to bed. Like a bearded backpacker, we look forward to the rush of what’s next. Why wouldn’t we? Many beds provide new mornings, new encounters, new perspectives, new realisations.

Eventually, however, the maker must come to see that everything we do comes at the expense of something else. The unsettled backpacker trades old friendships for new stories. The unsettled entrepreneur trades progress for a fresh start. The unsettled artist trades an amateur understanding of many fields for expertise in one.

This is not to say, we shouldn’t Change and Change Often. It is to say, we should see things through. Sure, when we are young, and have little to lose, it is important to thrash and experiment, but eventually it comes time to realise that it isn’t those most gifted, or those most skilled, who go on to win in the long run. It is those most committed.