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One downside to the connection economy is the microwave experts it brings with it. They drag their plough for a mile long, but barely dig an inch deep, feeding from sites like Vice, Buzzfeed and Lifehacker. The result is we’re left with a horde of half-baked recyclers, claiming expertise on subjects they have very little understanding of.

It’s not that microwave experts can’t become genuine experts. It’s that they choose not to. They want so desperately to teach that they overlook the most important element of the teaching equation. That great teachers were first and foremost great students.

The most concerning thing about microwave experts is most believe their own garbage. By choosing to only scratch the surface, they remain ignorant to how little they actually know. Many go on to start blogs and mastermind groups and businesses. They survive by providing one another with an audience.

As creatives we must learn to recognise these microwave experts immediately. It’s not that what they are doing is wrong. It’s that it’s unsustainable. They see opportunity in unoriginality. A misunderstanding that can be detrimental to not just to them, but anyone who listens.