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There are times when we lose perspective. We struggle to see up from down, and left from right. We find ourselves clouded in self-doubt and powerless to help ourselves, not because we no longer have the desire, but because we can no longer trust our emotions.

This is when our mirror comes into play.

Our mirror is that person who tells us how it is, regardless of how much it hurts. They are invested in our development, yet prepared to call us out. They are close enough to care, yet far enough away not to be bogged down in detail. They are equipped to listen, yet prepared with opinion. They are willing to stop the clock and climb onto their knees. They remind us that the world is too remarkable to abandon, and too trivial to take so seriously.

We don’t always need to ask them the big questions (but they’ll offer feedback if we do). Their presence alone is enough to silence our concerns. It’s not that they know the answers. It’s that they know us. They know us so well that a reflection in them reveals the truth in us.

Who is your mirror?