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A mission statement is the invisible string that ensures everything you create is relevant and purposeful. It is the ethos that allows your target audience to recognise themselves as your target audience. It keeps your team on the same page and your strategy honed. It defines you as an expert in your niche, tackles the pain point that keeps your audience awake at night and is the same reason why you drag yourself out of bed every morning.

Why do you do what you do? What motivates you most? Who is your target audience? How do you relieve their pain points? How do you differentiate yourself from your competitors? Do you educate? Entertain? Inspire? Are you more human? Faster? More cost-effective?

Example #1: Coffee Bird provides the products, inspiration and knowhow to help everyday coffee enthusiasts make great tasting coffee from home.

Example #2: Upside takes the stress and complication out of launching and growing a hospitality business by providing owners and talent with the tools, advice and support they need to capitalise on opportunity.

Keep it simple enough to deliver off-the-cuff but detailed enough to ensure you capture your brand’s product, target audience, point of differentiation and reason for existence.