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We live in a create on demand world.

To stay at the top of our game we must seek out creative nutrition (books, films, other people) but make a habit of consuming only what we can exercise.

We must also know when to take ourselves out of the game and into Monk Mode.

This means retreating to our bliss station and regaining a mastery over our creativity through conducting deep work.

At times Monk Mode is seemingly inefficient but almost always effective. It involves unnecessary creating free from premature judgement. Unnecessary creating allows for creative flow. Casting judement aside allows time for infant ideas to develop. Both encourage natural creativity to rise to the top, bringing with it true originality and often our best ideas.

It is difficult to see the effect of the machine from deep down in the engine room but that doesn’t mean you stop stoking the fire. Let your instinct lead. It is the people outside of the monastery who feel its atmosphere.