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There is an enormous amount to consider when building a brand. The saturation of the market. Your audience. The problems they face. What gets you up in the morning. What keeps your audience awake at night.

It’s why businesses and business models are forever changing. These tweaks are commonly called pivots. It’s a positive slant on what we would otherwise call a minor f*ck up.

TripAdvisor pivoted a failing b2b model into a $10-billion b2c platform.

Odeo, in fear of iTunes, turned a platform that helped people find and subscribe to podcasts into Twitter.

Nintendo pivoted from playing cards to vacuum cleaners, instant rice, a taxi company and even a short-stay hotel chain (called “love hotel”) before settling on electronic games.

I’ve also decided to make a slight pivot from The Art of Getting Sh*t Done to Build a Brand Worth Talking About.

Basically, I want to cut to the chase and focus on three key fields when building a brand and audience. Mindset, skillset and marketing.

Mindset will focus on how to get your head in the game. Skillset will focus on how to build your brand. Marketing will focus on how to take your brand to your audience.

In terms of differences to the blog, not a lot will change. Things will just be a little more focused. The format of the podcast will shift a little however, but I’ll chat about that on the podcast itself.

For now, I just wanted to keep you abreast the changes.