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Self-worth is an essential part of emotional intelligence. What we tell ourselves creates who we are, and effects how others see and treat us. Self-worth also impacts our physical health. Studies show low self-worth increases levels of the stress hormone, cortisol. This can damage our metabolism, immune system, glucose levels, blood pressure, and sleeping patterns, just to name a few.

So, how do we develop self-worth?

Geetu Bharwaney from Ei World says to develop self-worth you need a mission statement. Something you can fall back on when you get lost or downtrodden.

To develop your mission statement use the formula: identity, gift and purpose.

Who I am is… (a). My gift is… (b). My purpose is… (c).

a) Use three words to describe your ideal identity. Think about characteristics of yourself you’re most proud of. What makes you different to most.

b) Describe what you love to do most. Something you’re talented at. Think about what people compliment you on most often.

c) Describe why do you do what you do. Think bigger than yourself. Imagine there was a god or maker: what have you been put on earth to do.

For example, my mission statement is: “Who I am is someone creative, intelligent and courageous. My gift is making complicated ideas digestible. My purpose is to help people live fuller, happier lives.”

My partner Bec’s is: “Who I am is someone caring, wild and capable. My gift is making people feel comfortable. My purpose is to bring people together.”

Remember, this is not an exercise in commitment. You can change the statement any time.

Have a go at yours.