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Shaming others is our way of controlling others. We shame children who speak out. We shame employees who resist our systems. We shame the poor for free loading.

We also have a tendency to shame those who go out on a limb and express themselves artistically. We don’t shame those who master their craft but we often shame those for trying. The ones who start and stumble on the path to bettering themselves.

We all know what it feels like to be shamed. It takes away our humanity. It tells us to lay low, to hide in the crowd, to stop before we’ve even begun.

What we often forget is that the masses aren’t interested in what’s new. They are interested in what others think. They need mass validation in fear of being shamed themselves. And yet it takes something new to change minds and stir movements.

What we also forget is that we must accept shame to be shamed.

Where is the shame in trying our best to create art for those who we care about?