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Credit is a crutch. Something we too often look to lean on when we try and make ground. Blinded by the need for acknowledgment and obsessed with being seen, most of us hobble through life at half pace.

What’s easy to forget is that respect isn’t issued on the basis of one act. It’s the prize for successfully hitting the target again and again. Most often when our back is turned and our attention is elsewhere.

We all see the world through our own lense. And whilst we think we know those things we do that make others say wow, most often we’re wrong. Like being asked to highlight the most important parts of a text. We all underline different lines. The same way, we all find respect in different acts and admire different qualities.

It’s why the pursuit of credit is such a slippery slide. We lose focus on the puzzle by becoming obsessed with the pieces. And we lose the ability to experiment and learn by becoming obsessed with our own measurements of perfection.Ironically, those who receive the most credit are those who don’t see the use for it, even when they have it. Those who validate themselves by focussing on the work not how the work is likely to be received. Those who recognise that the things we desire most, we already possess.