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The beauty of art is the process.

It doesn’t always feel perfect creating for the sake of creating but it helps to realise that no work is wasted work. If you can’t recognise the value of the final piece at least recognise the value of the process.

As Alan Watts said, we think about things so much that we get into the state where we eat the menu instead of the dinner. We value the money instead of the wealth. We confuse the map with the territory.

Too often we tell ourselves that happiness lives two doors down. We long for the finish line. For closure. For that moment where we can say, I did it. But it never lasts. Before long we’re wishing the celebration to be over so we can climb up onto to the next rung. And so the process repeats. The obsession with completion.

It’s why we must strive to fall in love with process regardless of what it is. Why we must write to write, not write to have written. Because the publications. The gallery showcases. The records. It doesn’t take long before each becomes just another ticked box. Another notch on our belt. Another meaningless rungĀ on the journey to a place that doesn’t even exist.

Quit rushing for the podium. Glory isn’t found at the finish. It’s found in balancing our affairs, attending to our relationships and falling in love with the moment.