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Our greatest work is almost always inspired by the work of others. We call those who turn such inspiration into creative new forms, innovative. These same creators more than often go on to produce great work that touches an even greater audience.

The fact is we are not wired to go it alone. Isolation brings with it great danger. Without stimulation from others our neurons eventually perish. We lose the ability to empathise. We lose the ability to think and act competitively.

Relationships are not obligations. They are opportunities. To survive and thrive we must work hard to refresh the relationships we have and leverage the connections we make.

Others lead us to places we unknowingly sidestep when alone. Even by simply describing our work to those who aren’t involved to the level of depth we are, we can reach new creative heights.

Being possessive over our ideas reaps no benefit. When we give everything away we quickly realise that ideas are plentiful whereas those whom we donate them to are scarce.

When we make it our mission to make others thrive, we thrive. When we make it our mission to fill up other peoples buckets instead of our own, we unearth a well.