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Women may have once been given away like prizes. Today the power is theirs.

This shift is not too dissimilar to that of the movement of power from corporation to consumer. We have passed the point of interruption marketing and entered a period of permission marketing.

Both successful businesses and successful males have learned to honour this change. They recognise that today they must attract not push. That they must offer up something of value first.

If a woman could just see how caring and compassionate a man was, he would have no problem at the singles bar. The same goes with business.

Unfortunately, both have less than 10 seconds to set themselves up for a shot at something deeper. And even then the job is far from done.

At the singles bar, few women are looking to tie the knot there on the spot. Most are not even sure what they want aside from to experiment.

It is no different in business. Be prepared to spend time courting a prospect long after they have said maybe. Commitment is a long list of romantic gestures away from a phone number (or an email address).