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When we know very little about a topic we often have a great deal to say. When we know a great deal we often have very little to say.

Why? Because when we spend less time looking for things worth talking about and more time looking for things worth listening to we learn to truly appreciate the benefit of being a full-time student over a half-baked teacher.

This stoic mentality breeds the highest level of success in business.

The stoic student casts aside the need to impress and the need to explain. They objectively manage their passions and refrain from the self-indulgence that too often distracts the successful.

They become so driven and focussed that they develop indifference toward both failure and victory.

They live by the process, not the result, and see the fruitlessness of back slaps when the task is never done.

It means the party never starts but it also never ends. Life simply rolls from one accomplishment to another, ever building steam.

Both admirable and approachable, such stoic students go onto to become the world’s most influential leaders.