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Promising your customers that your products deliver specific results is easy. Winning enough trust to have your customers believe those promises is much more difficult.

Trust is an integral part of the buying process. Brands who focus on building this trust are repaid many times over. Brands who take shortcuts and ask their audience to buy too early are spam.

How are you building trust with your audience? What value are you providing them free of charge?

Most customers need to interact with a brand for at least an hour before they feel comfortable enough buying. That’s 120 x 30-second commercials, 12 x blog posts, 2 x podcasts or one consultation in person.

Samuel Johnson wrote, “The true measure of a man is how he treats someone who can do him absolutely no good.” The same works with business. Successful brands don’t just expect their audience to buy. They provide genuine value, build trust and let people make up their own minds.