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There are two sides to our nature. One side is extroverted and economic. It understands that input leads to output and risk leads to reward. It leers at the image of a six-pack and has the balls to ask for a raise. It believes in consumption and riding things to the end.

The other is introverted and emotive. It understands that giving leads to getting, and losing ourselves leads to finding ourselves. It builds meaningful relationships through sacrifice and kindness. And believes in the people not the system.

These two sides are at with war with each other. We all feel it. It is a perpetual state of self-confrontation. On the one side is our external desire for success. On the other side is our internal desire for value.

Unfortunately, in a world built on money, society tends to favour the external and often neglects the internal. We are dared to challenge our limits of success, despite our longing to find more substantiated value.

We are encouraged to treat life as a game and in doing so we often become cold calculated creatures. We kick the bee’s nest with no thought for the sacrifice each bee makes to protect what’s theirs.

This perpetual battle eventually takes a toll. A rift forms between our desired self and our actual self, and many of us check out, turning to meds or god or others.

The fact is, our external self is focused on building on our strengths, whilst our internal self is focused on building on our weaknesses.

One is driven by the desire for power. The other is driven by the desire for betterment. One is perceived as externally brilliant yet internally brittle. The other is perceived as externally soft yet internally solid.