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Yep, more Tony Robbins stuff. According to the $5 billion dollar man there are two things we humans pursue. One is achievement. This is a science. You can work out the formula and engineer success. Think about money. If you understand the science of building wealth you can have abundance. If you violate the same rules you have financial stress.

The same is true for career success. You and I can achieve the same things if we master the same principles, such as confidence, competence, relationship building and hard work. Achievement is easy to measure, and easy to compare. And if you’re like most, it’s what you focus on most of the time.

The other, more overlooked piece, is fulfilment. This is an art. Fulfilment can’t be engineered, and is much more difficult to identify and compare. What fulfils you is unlikely to fulfil me. You can’t rely on your head for fulfilment. It comes from asking more spiritual questions like, what makes me proud? What makes me breathe easy? What makes me stop and raise a celebratory glass of beer or champagne?

The point is to know the difference, and to be aware that when the competition sparks up, or the cash is flashed, your brain will tell you to achieve. This is because your brain is two million year old machine designed to keep you alive. It’s not designed to make you happy. To be happy you must get out of your head and go out of your way to discover what makes you fulfilled. As big Tony puts it, success without fulfilment is the ultimate failure.

So, I put the question to you. What fulfils you?